A survey for musicians

As a music maker myself, I know the one thing I hate is having to call to ask for gigs. I’d rather send emails than try and get a person on the phone, but that’s just me.

Anyway, there’s a university research program that’s doing a study about the music industry. If you are a musician, a DJ, or in a band, please take a minute to fill out their quick online survey today at https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/8JKG2FJ.

Just for a heads up, there are questions about how often you play gigs, booking agents, types of venues you play, genre of music you play, and the use of online services to help you get gigs. –Mark Weber Music Blog

Katana Cartel

Katana Cartel is the heaviest hard rock band I’ve promoted on the Mark Weber Music Blog. One listen to their blistering, powerful song, “King,” and you’ll hear why. This is sweaty, hairy, testosterone-fueled rock music. The band, from Melbourne, Australia, makes grinding guitar music that literally takes you over.

Getting their start as a garage band, Katana Cartel has since developed into a top-notch rock band, complete with a lead singer nicknamed “Fluffy.” Their song, “King,” is described as “a sludgy-anthemic song with a thrashy outro bound to satisfy the head-bangers.” Sounds about right! –Mark Weber Music Blog


Nick Zaino

Nick Zaino is a Boston-based singer/ songwriter with a deep appreciation for the roots of American music. The song’s the thing, whether it’s a country weeper or charging four-chord rock and roll. Zaino is a multi-instrumentalist often plays solo acoustic, and though he enjoys quiet … Continue reading Nick Zaino



The Helsinki based “indietronica” band Feels reminds me of Abba crossed with 1980s music. Feels is made up of singer and songwriter Sofi Meronen, keyboardist Mikael Myrskog and producer Jooel Jons. They describe their music as epic, gripping and toned with “northern melancholy.” –Mark Weber … Continue reading Feels